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So High
Ronnie O'Hannon and Tia Simone


Jon Legend (Cover)

Rain Come Down
Universalist Unitarian Church of Santa Monica


Community Choir



Composer: Shawn Kirchner

The Studio

Porgy and Bess

TamraLamese Dozier



George Gershwin

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Jamie Rachelle Cernazanu


A Capella Cover



The Shirelles

Life Moves Along
Abram St. Amand Poliakoff



Let It Be
DeReau K. Farrar Singers


Professional Gospel Sextet



The Beatles

In 2015, Matthew began applying his years of experience as a professional actor and singer to help other artists capture their own performances in stunning detail.

In 2016, Matthew was asked by Matt McGlynn, editor of to represent micparts, a division of Roswell Pro Audio at the Audio Engineering Society's 141st Annual Convention in Los Angeles.


Nearly every piece of equipment in Matthew's studio was custom built, by-hand ... by Matthew himself. Vocal recordings are made in a custom soundbooth with 6 layers of soundproofing and acoustic treatment. Microphones based on highly revered Neumann, AKG, Telefunken, and Schoeps designs, colored with API, Neve, and John Hardy-style preamps, or captured with pristine clarity using transformer-less circuitry and Gotham/Neutrik cables. Each setup is tailored to the specific needs of the project - whether commercial, classical, or somewhere in between. Matthew also offers live recording services.


For additional information, or to set up a free consultation and demo, please contact Matthew using the Contact Page.

Trois mélodies - Pàl Hermann
Katherine Giaquinto


Tali Tadmor



"Piangerò la sorte mia"
George Frideric Handel

from the opera, Giulio Cesare


Maurice Ravel: Gaspard de la Nuit
Huyen Khahn Do

Concert Pianist


"Steal me, sweet thief"
Gian Carlo Menotti

from the opera, The Old Man and the Thief


Why We Do This
Opera a la Carte

A Touch of Poetry Cast


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