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Looking for someone to cover an event? Whether you need to capture a concert, wedding, or your kid's birthday party, we offer flexible and affordable pricing options catered to fit your needs. We also offer Videography and Audio Recording Services if still photos just won't be enough.

See every shot from the event
After the event, you'll be sent a link to view all of the raw files from the session. Pick the winners and laugh at the outtakes. 
Color Correction
Even if something looks great straight out of the camera, it can often look even better with color correction and grading.
Need help deciding?
Sometimes, it can be hard to select your favorites when there are so many options to choose from. We can help! 
Retouching and Stylizing
Want to photoshop grandpa's beer out of your child's birthday cake shot? No worries, that's what computers are for! Retouching, artistic styling, and photoshopping available.
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