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Looking for affordable, professional-quality audio and video recordings for your next audition or application? Look no further! We offer comprehensive recording, videography, and streaming services at competitive rates.


Choose from a variety of flexible recording options, including the following:

Mobile Setup - or - Record with us
We can come to you, or you can come to us. Get great results whether recording in an acoustic environment or treated studio isolation booth. Access to a church sanctuary with good, live acoustics can be provided for a modest venue rental fee.
Cinematic Video, Lighting, and Color-Correction
Record everything in 4K/6K Raw, C-Log or S-Log video; ProRes and other codecs available for rich and accurate colors and flexibility in post. Soft-boxed photography LEDs render your subject's skin softly and accurately.
Live Performances - or - Recording Session
Whether you're looking to capture a live performance in stellar quality or to lay down tracks in a controlled studio environment, we have you covered.

*We have a lot of experience livestreaming as well!*
Audio Mixing & Mastering
Mixing and mastering using the industry standard, ProTools, premium software plugins, and vintage-inspired outboard analog hardware. Tracks can be packaged for a variety of media and streaming needs.
Professional Audio Tracking and Monitoring
All audio recordings are made using premium microphones, preamps, and analog-to-digital Converters in up to 192kHz quality and up to 28 input channels (more available upon request).
Video Editing & Delivery
All video is synced and color-corrected using DaVinci Resolve before being edited with titles and transitions and exported for YouTube, Vimeo, direct download or whatever output format you need.
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