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Audiobooks on the Audiobook Creation eXchange (acx)

Matthew can be found and hired for Audiobook Narration through the acx Website.
For additional information, including Matthew's rates and samples, please follow the links below

Audiobook Signal Chain

A-D Converter
Mixing (EQ, Comp, DeEss)
Mastering / ACX Compliance
*Analog recording equipment custom built by Matthew

Newest Release!

Keys of Life - Uriel's Justice
Matthew narrated the epic trilogy about fallen angels and the pure of heart

Long ago, a violent war erupted between the Children of the Nephilim, who had once taken Eve's daughters as wives, and the Pure of Heart. The Nephilim's thirst for revenge rages through history as they slowly infiltrate global corporations, secret societies and international politics. The goal - total domination...

Current Project

Keys of Life - Sword of Fire.jpg
Keys of Life - Sword of Fire
The second installment in the Keys of Life Trilogy

The violent war between the Pure of Heart and the Children of the Nephilim continues and Cordy and Ash run from Europe to New Orleans. The pair, along with a new ally, search for hidden family treasures to help them defeat the Nephilim. Meanwhile, the Guardian, a spirit of Earth, warns them that their next battle could be the most catastrophic the planet has ever seen rivaling the Great Flood.  Jon Lafitte, are reformed pirate and consummate Frenchman, vies for Cordy's affections while steering the trio along the Louisiana bayou to their biggest showdown yet. But Cordy finds it difficult to choose between the unpredictable Lafitte, and the one who's always been there for her, Ash. Set sail with the Pure of Heart as they try to save not only their legacy, but also the earth as we know it.

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