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Looking for affordable, professional-quality audio and video recordings for your next concert, service, or other live event? Need to stream something? Look no further! We offer comprehensive recording, videography, and streaming services at competitive rates.


Choose from a variety of flexible recording options, including the following:

On-Location Recording & Venue Options
Whether you have already secured a venue or are still looking, we can help. A church sanctuary with live acoustics is available for a modest venue rental fee. Otherwise, we will set up, record, and break down the recording equipment at the venue of your choice. 
Cinematic Video, Lighting, and Color-Correction
Record everything in 4K/6K b-Raw, C-Log or S-Log video; ProRes and other codecs available for rich and accurate colors and flexibility in post. **Please Note** Lighting for staged productions does not always transfer perfectly to film, but we have a lot of experience making it work the best it can.
Live Performances - or - Recording Session
Whether you're looking to capture a live performance or lay down tracks as part of a dedicated recording project, we have you covered.

*We have a lot of experience livestreaming as well!*
Audio Mixing & Mastering
Mixing and mastering using the industry standard, ProTools, premium software plugins, and vintage-inspired outboard analog hardware. Tracks can be packaged for a variety of media and streaming needs.
Professional Audio Tracking and Monitoring
All audio recordings are made using premium microphones, preamps, and analog-to-digital Converters in up to 192kHz quality and up to 28 input channels (more available upon request).
Video Editing & Delivery
All video is synced and color-corrected using DaVinci Resolve before being edited with titles and transitions and exported for YouTube, Vimeo, direct download or whatever output format you need.

Past and current clients include: The New York Metropolitan Opera, The Loren L. Zachary Competitions, LA Opera Connects, The Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts, Pacific Opera Project, LaurisList, Pasadena City College, Jouyssance, LA Camerata, The Roger Wagner Chorale, Flintridge Preparatory Academy, Oneonta Congregational Church, San Fernando Master Chorale, JRW Investments, ExchangeRight Real Estate, Cal Arts San Gabriel Valley, Temple Judea, and The New Valley Symphony Orchestra.

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