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I’ve always found it off-putting when people speak about themselves in the third person. That’s probably why I hate reading and writing bios so damn much.


My name is Matthew Ian Welch. I grew up a nerdy, fat kid in North Carolina, and I moved to California for school. Although music had always been part of my life before, it wasn’t until college that I began singing or seriously contemplating a career as a performer. Before that, I figured I’d probably just end up another hypertensive attorney.


I stayed in Los Angeles after graduating for two reasons: (1) so that I could keep dating my hot girlfriend; and, (2) because I once had a minor, non-singing role in a high school musical, and I figured the latter was sufficient proof that I was the next Leonardo DiCaprio. The hot girlfriend eventually dumped me, and I’ve since come to appreciate that great performances take years of hard work and dedication.


My earliest work was singing in choirs, operas, and small ensembles. I later trained in improvisational comedy, film and commercial acting, and began performing in musicals and plays. Curious about voice acting, audiobooks, and recording my own music, I started learning about audio engineering and began building and modifying microphones, preamps, and compressors.  I've been recording myself and other musicians now for years. During the pandemic, I learned how to produce virtual choirs and livestreams. Most recently, I've been busy as a videographer, colorist, director of photography, and stills photographer. Never a dull moment!

This website exists at the nexus of my narcissism and a genuine desire to bring honesty, sensitivity, beauty, and a sense of humor to my work and life. Please feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to learn more.

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