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Matthew's Music Studio

Classical vocal training emphasizes the creation and balance of overtones. It is designed to allow musicians to sing and be heard above other instruments in acoustic settings without microphones and for extended periods of time without causing significant fatigue or long-term damage to the voice. It is characterized by its richness and brilliance of sound, its volume and resonance, and the consistent use of vibrato.


Although classical singing can be very beautiful, since the advent of microphones and amplification, most popular singing styles have moved away from a "classical" sound. They tend to more closely resemble spoken language and rely on different types of resonance, depending on the genre.

In 2014, Matthew began expanding his musical performances beyond the classical genre to include contemporary styles, including: pop, musical theatre, gospel, folk, and country music. His singing incorporates dramatic elements from acting and the richness of classical, while still honoring the aesthetic and stylistic demands of each genre. 

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